Thursday, 10 June 2010

University Politecnic Valencia

These posts are going to be quick and dirty - no thrills, but hopefully some interesting content for you to read to get a flavour of the EDEN Conference.

EDEN 2010 has finally kicked off with the first plenary session in a hall predominantly clad with wooden panels. We have had an introduction from Alan Tait, followed by an orientation of Valencia, the Politechnic University of Valencia, and then some of the web tools (including Sakai) that are used extensively by our host institution.

Synchronous distance teaching seems to be a popular option - they use a combination of media including video links to achieve this on conventional course too. This institution is largely a technical university, so topics such as engineering are central. More than 50 percent of the 35,000 students use some form of distance learning during their studies.


  1. It is always pleasantly surprising how much one learns at conferences such as these. For instance, despite having taught online in the USA and Europe for 15 years, I had not heard of Sakai. ¡Ignorante era yo!

    James J. Stewart
    University of Maryland University College

  2. Yep, Sakai is one of the better open source platforms and is actually used quite widely in higher education