Thursday, 10 June 2010

Virtual Peer Review in Practice

Currently happening in Session "A Web 2.0 Community for Higher Education Professionals: From Participation to Recognition" in Room C: experiencing a hands-on approach for a virtual peer review approach and tools with already rated. A methodology developed in the HEXTLEARN project. And this is how it looks like:

Preparatory stage – gathering background information about the institution, and its current and future planned use of ICT for learning. An important part of this stage is the ‘Positioning Questionnaire’, as well as relevant documents that will help us build a picture of what is your University’s approach to the use of ICT for learning.

Virtual peer review – virtual (via web tools) collaborative dialogue between the HEXTLEARN peer reviewers and representatives of your University. It provides an opportunity for the reviewers to gather more information, through phone Skype or email interviews and virtual observation, and for both reviewers and ‘host institution’ to explore key issues relevant to e-learning strategies.

Analysis and Reporting stage – on the basis of the data gathered from the preceding stages, this final part of the Review process will focus on the production of recommendations arrived at through collaborative reflection between the HEXTLEARN team and the hosting institution.

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