Thursday, 10 June 2010

Setting a President

So my friend Morten Flate Paulsen has been duly elected the 100th President of EDEN (Surely some mistake here? - Ed) and takes over the office from Alan Tait. I'm sure Morten will do a great job, because, coming from Viking stock, he will take no nonsense from anyone. Actually, joking aside, Morten is one of the nicest guys you could ever expect to meet - quiet spoken, but extremely intelligent, well qualified, hugely popular and a very good looking guy as well. OK, I'm creeping here, because I gather there are some Presidential body guard jobs going, and I like to wear the shades, and hover my hand threateningly close to my inside pocket, you know what I mean? (You'll be lucky - Ed).

I know Morten has some great ideas about how to advance the cause of EDEN, because I have been listening to some of them during this week in Valencia. He has already asked me my views on how we can improve communications across the network of more than 1200 members. He will be exploring how the NAP members site for example, can be improved and extended. There will no doubt be some time and energy invested into how social web tools can be used to transform EDEN's presence and raise its profile. Alan Tait did a great job as the 99th President (Look, stop this now - Ed) and we are all grateful to him for steering us this far. Now Morten has taken over, I am sure the momentum will continue, and I hope to be a part of his outrider cavalcade - I have the shades, the ear piece and the dark suit already prepared. (Right, that's it! He's not the President of the United States, Steve, so stop this now, or I'm telling your Mum - Ed)

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  1. Flexibility, cooperation and transparency are Morten's three key words for his upcoming three years' term - if my steadily failing memory is correct. We look forward to seeing him steer the boat. Vikings and their followers onwards!