Friday, 11 June 2010

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EDEN Fellows

After his welcome note, Alan Tait awarded this year's EDEN fellows. The two Senior Fellow awards were given to Michael G. Moore and Martine Vidal. Martine, unfortunately, could not be present, but the other fellows appeared to be delighted to be welcome in this special circle. Here are the snapshots:

Michael G. Moore, Senior Fellow

Antonio Teixeira, EDEN Fellow

Airina Volungeviciene, EDEN Fellow

Deborah Arnold, EDEN Fellow

Berit Johnsen, EDEN Fellow

What do lifelong learners expect?

Andy DiPaolo from Stanford Center for Professional Development on the evolution of Online Education talked about new players in the mix of the higher education landscape: new universities established playing their own game. This game is get their students "love-live-work". Main challenge: what do lifelong learners and employers need and expect of online higher education providers? So according to Andy, they:
  • are busy
  • want access everywhere
  • want choice
  • want bites of learning, not the full packadge
  • want engagement
  • fast and practice oriented knowledge
  • need challenge
  • multitasking (hello homo interneticus!)
  • blended environment
  • TIVO: digital video recorder learning your viewing habits (shiver)
  • want mentors
  • want social community
  • variable pricing (example of iTunes)
Wonder how many of the traditional universities on the old continent know who their learners are and what they need?
After this exciting experience for strategic planning from the other side of the Atlantic ocean, Ciaran Mc Cormack gave an insight into exciting primary and secondary school online multimedia projects showing real-life, already established hands-on examples. If you listened well, you may be in the position to scribble in your iPad a short note on who your students will be in 15 years!

Both presentations will be available later on the EDEN website.

Coffee break now.

If a day was longer than 24 hours...

...I probably could have posted (some of) those photos I took during the past few days. Great images indeed, I just did not have the time to sit down and do it yet. What a dilemma? Should I just wait until I can compose a "proper" contribution or just post a quick note while it's fresh and most relevant? I still have images (to be cropped and brightness/contrast-fixed - back light must be a photographer's worst enemy and I'm not even a photographer) about the welcome reception as well as the new EDEN Executive Committee, but for the moment this outdoor shot (it's one of my favourites, anyway) must suffice.

I had some very interesting project workshops to attend yesterday (LINKS-UP, REVIVE and HEXTLEARN I would like to highlight), and today I will be mostly involved with my cher SEVAQ+, but I'll try to find some time to catch up with my illustrated posts.

EDEN Presidents

I'm trying to retrace the EDEN Presidents - good exercise for a rusty old cog like myself (functioning in the EDEN machine since 1999). Let's see:
Before Alan Tait the EDEN President was Ingeborg Bo, preceded by Erwin Wagner, who was the successor of Valerio Grementieri. Before him, Tamás Lajos had his term, and the first President of EDEN was Erling Ljosa, another Norwegian significant figure in the field. How many is that, Steve?

Early in the morning

I'm going to be short. Yesterday it was stated that multitasking is a genetic defect which appeared quite late in human evolution. It may be correct or not, it is definitely a basic skill with the homo interneticus: I can listen Maruja Gutierrez-Diaz live, blog about the bad sound, tweet on the farewell of the former President Alan Tait and check the online Elluminate broadcast of the very same session. Am I 'upskilled' now?

Revive workshop podcast cont.

This is the last part of the Revive workshop podcast.

Revive workshop podcast cont.

There is the six part of the Revive podcast.