Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Ways emerge in that we go them

I'm not really sure if it was Gandhi or another innovator who gave this sentence to the world, but I really like the mentality behind. It seems to me that most innovators follow such mentality, otherwise they wouldn't dare to step on unsecure new grounds. I was really thrilled to meet you, innovators at the Conference and I truly hope that our ways will be crossing each other again.

This is the last blog post for the EDEN 2010 Annual Conference and it is dedicated to all participants, bloggers, tweeters, organisers, all those who shared this experience live or online. Thank you for being there, sharing your thoughts, or just listening and absorbing the complex thoughts of your distinguished peers.
Innovators and followers: see you soon in Budapest at the next EDEN event.

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Last but not least, cheers to my fellow bloggers: Steve Ildiko and Gabor!