Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Beautiful Summer in Valencia!

The university campus on Avenida de los Naranjos is beautifully decorated with lilac akazia trees in blossom. The pleasant breeze from the Mediterranean see is refreshing the Valencian summer. The modern new „Nexus” building of the Universidad Politechnica de Valencia is ready to welcome the delegates of the EDEN 2010 Annual Conference starting tomorrow.

Nearly 400 expert colleagues of distance and e-learning registered for the event from 49 countries to follow the most interesting programme of the event. This year an exeptional attention of colleagues from outside Europe has accompanied the conference, representing 17% of the delegates.

Conference delegates members partners and friends of EDEN are invited to follow the 2010 Conference either from the session rooms in Valencia or by watching the online webcast of the plenary sessions.

Join us to share your experiences and comment on the most exciting issues via this blog, making this conference a rich social-professional experience in the cyberspace!

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  1. Fantastic venue! I am looking forward to the sessions and the keynotes starting on Thursday.